June 2

Episode 09 (Part 1): We’re Not Metal Enough

Tony and Nhat cover social media and if it’s fucking people up and dabble a bit in a few metal subjects, but mainly came to the conclusion that they’re not metal enough. Shout out to the Death Metal Dorkery podcast that contacted us last week as they seem to be well metal enough for all of us.

We talk about kids – what are they really good for? Just kidding.. They’re just not really our thing, but more power to you if you have one. Tony realizes that even with his new raise, he can’t afford a heroine addiction and we’re still waiting to hear from a reliable source where to get score some. We’re kidding. No, but seriously… what is Twitter good for if not for that?

Intro song of the week:

“Do Not Go Gently” – Animals As Leaders

Outro song of the week:

“Ride Out Bitch” – Vaux

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