June 29

Episode 13: Houston May Be Ugly, But…

It’s National Camera Day and National Waffle Iron Day. Nhat’s apartment complex catches on fire the last night his brother and sister were staying at his place. So this wasn’t actually explained in the podcast, but the title of this one stems from the time right after the fire was contained.. His brother remarks, “Houston may be ugly, but we don’t have shit like that happening….”

Yes, because buildings just spontaneously burst into flames every other day here.  It was just an absurd statement from my brother, who, with his girlfriend, are always trying to bring Colorado down a notch or two because they’re stuck in Houston.  We’re not entirely sure why.  We also talk about whiny celebrities, being offensive to drum up tweets and attention in general and Nhat believes that the Ewok language may have had its roots in the Cambodian language.

We have more bands for our “Who’s Shittier?” segment and there’s some real crap this week.  We discuss how we feel obligated to maintain appearances online, even though we don’t really need to.

 Intro song of the week:

“Doc Holliday” – Volbeat

Outro song of the week:

“The Motherload” – Mastodon

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