July 20

Episode 16 (Part 1) : Beta Ray Bill Was Just A Space Anteater

Today is National Ice Cream Day and National Lollipop Day. Nhat thinks that after a certain age, guys can’t really eat lollipops without making it look like they’re fellating it – or else it just sits uncomfortably in your cheek. They argue about what counts as “Last Saturday,” for some dumb-ass reason. Tony mentions Ashley Madison to his co-workers for some strange reason and then has to explain it to his boss (or whomever) and he shows disgust in a “Mormonly” way, which Tony can’t seem to describe, even though he was in person to see it a mere two days ago. We talk about religion and the apparent mythology of it all.We discuss the upcoming Avengers 2 movie and Tony thinks it’s too much all at once. Nhat thinks people are too quick to go racist now, after Mastodon’s Twitter account got hacked and all they posted was n-bomb racial slurs.. so racism is really affecting the youth again. Tony read that Spider-Man 3 is in danger because of the poor effort in Spider-Man 2. Nhat brings the hate to Jamie Foxx. Nhat also thinks Beta Ray Bill was a space anteater. They wonder if now that Thor is a woman, would she still wield the hammer or another weapon?

Tony sends “The Assumption Song” to our Twitter, but forgets to title it, so no one knows if they want to click on it. We play it for you. We also play the “Cunt Song,” which is the other video Tony sent without a title. Tony tries to get Nhat a date, in the creepiest way possible. We talk a bit about older rock bands.

Intro song of the week:

“Losing My Mind” – Chimaira

Featured album of the week (Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls):

“Battle Cry” – Judas Priest

Outro song of the week:

“Convalescence” – Darkest Hour

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