July 27

Episode 17: Growing Up Weird

It’s National Parents’ Day and National Scotch Day. We talk way too long about the band Dew Scented than we were anticipating. Then we go into what a chicken salad is expected to consist of. Tony still thinks his days at work are numbered and Nhat tries to get him to initiate violence in the workplace. We discuss the futility of relationships and if there is some sort of internal expiration date on them. We talk more about parents, growing up anti-social and getting into fights. Nhat has always had an aversion to sharp iron fences because he could imagine them gouging out his eyes. We discuss bad first date movies and the upcoming Marvel movies.

We ponder on how Ant-Man could actually be useful. We give a shoutout to Dark Angels And Pretty Freaks podcasters @wiretechgirl and @angelsfreak7 as they seem to be very supportive of their fellow podcasters.

Intro song of the week:

“Soul Poison” – Dew Scented

 Outro song of the week:

“Volcano” – Dethklok

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