August 3

Episode 18: Let’s Go Eboling

It’s National Best Friends Day, National Family Day, National Watermelon Day and a number of other silly days. Nhat and Tony start off talking about how time is perceived differently as you grow older. Nhat mentions how Blackbeard was killed and the legend surrounding his corpse. From there, we go into some morbid subjects. We celebrate National Family Day by mentioning alleged killers in our family. Tony sings a song for National Friendship Day. We make fun of strange death metal band names.

We briefly review Guardians of the Galaxy, which, we confirmed that using the words “Stars Wars” when talking about this movie wasn’t entirely too far-fetched in our humble opinion. Our bet was finally settled… back a few episodes ago, Tony didn’t think anyone was actually listening, so he bet Nhat lunch that we wouldn’t get anyone tweeting us to confirm that they were listeners by episode 20.

Sure enough, Annaleis (@wiretechgirl) from the Dark Angels And Pretty Freaks podcast tweeted that she was listening to our podcast while making dinner right when Tony and I were waiting to watch Guardians this past Wednesday evening. So Nhat won the bet and Tony takes him to Smashburger (it could’ve been a lot worse). We talk about movies that should’ve never had sequels. We wondered if getting Vin Diesel was really necessary for the voice of Groot. We take a light-hearted look at ebola.

We have another segment of “Who’s Shittier?” with another round of crap bands.

Intro song of the week:

“Gravimetric Time Dilation” – Allegaeon

 Outro song of the week:

“Selkies: The Endless Obsession” – Between The Buried And Me

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