August 10

Episode 19 (Bonus): Fictitious Death Metal Album Covers Episode 03

In episode 3 of our Fictitious Death Metal Album Covers segment, we roll the die to get Poland for Tony and Japan for Nhat. Tony’s band name is Zabójca Sperma, which translates into Killer Sperm and Nhat’s band name is Katatsumuri Shokuniku Shori, which is Japanese for Snail Slaughter.

Here is Tony’s album cover for Zabójca Sperma’s “A Shot To The Face”:

Zabojca Sperma - A Shot To The Face


Album Song List:

1. White Explosion
2. Sticky Icky Icky
3. Blinded By The Goo
4. No Time For Love, Dr. Jones
5. What Hath The Gods Brought
6. Break The Seal Of Love
7. Ball Drainer

Here is Nhat’s album cover for Katatsumuri Shokuniku Shori’s “Time For Slime”:

Katatsumuri Shokuniku Shori - Time For Slime

Album Song List:

1. Sluggish Death
2. Shell Of A Man
3. Bad Case Of Gastropod
4. Escargot To Hell
5. Slime To Kill
6. I’ll Stab You ‘Til You Love Me

Intro song:

“Exit Strategy Of A Wrecking Ball” – Diablo Swing Orchestra

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