August 17

Episode 20: The Cantaloupe That Broke The Camel’s Straw

It’s National Thrift Store Day and National Vanilla Custard Day. We wonder what Snausages taste like and what they’re made out of. Tony got a free ticket to see Chimaira and Allegaeon. Tony meets an annoying 36-year-old that refuses to change. Tony reveals his gangsta name, “Tony 3 Meats.” You’ll have to tune in to find out why. We lament about the passing of Robin Williams and Nhat can relate to that kind of loss, unfortunately.

Apparently, Nhat couldn’t yo-yo to save his life and Tony is appalled at how useless he is. Nhat has one week to learn how to yo-yo and learn to play the harmonica.

Intro song of the week:

“Postmortem” – Slayer

 Outro song of the week:

“Eyes Of A Criminal” – Chimaira

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