September 14

Episode 24 (Part 1): Stop Looking At My Butt

It’s National Cream Filled Donut Day. Dave (Arc Rev One) joins us for our main show. We go into weather patterns and if it’s changed over the past many years. There’s mention of the government entity HAARP and if it controls the weather. Tony goes into politics, which prompts Dave to reluctantly chime in his views. We talk about the limits we would go to to avoid being homeless. We somehow get onto the subject of transexuals. Tony admits that he spends an unhealthy amount of time worrying who’s checking out his butt. Tony and Nhat talk about the Oddball Comedy Fest they attended at Red Rocks and Nhat’s creepy douche of a co-worker. We also went to go see Maze Runner on a couple of free passes and give our review. We unleash another poop-filled episode of “Who’s Shittier?”

Intro song of the week:

“Hell Yes” – Alkaline Trio

Outro song of the week:

“Wish I’d Taken Pictures” – Acid Country

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