October 2

Episode 121: Sea Monkey-toberfest

It’s a late show today because Nhat decided to binge-watch Luke Cage instead of working on the show. Within the first few minutes, we talk about sex for King Soopers gift cards and diarrhea. We then go on a rant about Sea Monkeys for no good reason at all. We cover Free The Nipple and nipplekinis. Of course, we have to go back on topic where we discuss personalized Sea Monkeys with your own face on them. Nhat goes on a clip frenzy.

Who’s Shittier? candidates:


Intro song of the week:

“Slaytan” – Volbeat

Featured song of the week:

“Veil Of Deception” – Death Angel

Outro Song Of The Week:

“Deathless” – Revocation

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