October 16

Episode 123: The Penile Necrosis With The Mostest

It’s National Liqueur Day, Dictionary Day, Feral Cat Day, and Department Store Day. Tony regrets not getting hookers and heroin during his free time away from significant other. Tony is willing to let another guy sniff his beard. Tony knows way too much about what bands are on which record labels. Nhat has a friend that slacks even more than Tony. We wish Lorne from the Bold And Belligerent podcast a happy birthday. We have a 1-minute song challenge and Who’s Shittier?

Who’s Shittier? Candidates:

Intro song of the week:

“Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” – Behemoth

Featured song of the week:

“Dream All Day” – The Posies

Outro Song Of The Week:

“To Walk Alone” – Kylesa

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