October 23

Episode 124: Your Butt Butters My Popcorn

Tony and Nhat talk about being president and how you need a lot of blubber like Whale Boy for that job. We talk about testing out vibrators through your clothes and consider marketing The Asshole Bag and the best way to use cadavers. Tony’s dressed up as a girl at least three times that we know of. We get into mole talk and how it’s better than having truck nuts hanging from your armpit like Adolf had. Tony studies the history of bukkake. Tony sings “One Sad Penis” to the tune of The Gambler.

Intro song of the week:

“Wings Of Solitude” – Celtic Frost

Featured song of the week:

“Western World” – Pennywise

Outro Song Of The Week:

“MonstroCity” – Meshuggah

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