March 4

Episode 133.5 – The Ballad Of Johnny Cum Lately (The Complete Epic Saga)

By popular demand (ok, no one demanded it.. I was just bored), we’re releasing the full compilation of The Lo Fi Show’s magnum opus, Johnny Cum Lately, the story of the boy who couldn’t cum, so he was equipped with a cum button that would change his life. Follow his adventures through the near loss of his girlfriend, his sad decline and subsequent recovery, his Shaolin journey and the bitter, jizzy end.

The Cast
  • Johnny – Just a small-town boy… playing with a broken toy… Johnny is a teenager without the ability to cum.
  • Sarah – Johnny’s unfortunate first girlfriend who gets knocked out by Johnny’s new powers.
  • Scott – Johnny’s not-so-latently homosexual friend who’s always trying to fuck Johnny.
  • Dr. Ben – Johnny’s mad scientist doctor, who has a way with words.. with completely fucking them up, that is.
  • Sue – Johnny’s mom, who would love to have a cum button more than anyone.
  • James – Johnny’s dad, who would love Sue to have a cum button more than anyone.
  • Soupbone Chen – Johnny’s Shaolin mentor and Dr. Ben’s old friend.
  • Abbot Costello – Just another abbot at the Shaolin temple added to the story for his stupid name.

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