March 31

Episode 149: Prosthetic Poop Tube

It’s our first broadcast after the show moved locations and we’re both thrown off by the shitty ambiance. Henno and Frakking Cat actually show up. Thanks to Frakking Cat for the show title. Tony pays homage to Henno with lyrics to Henno’s Lo Fi riff, but then quickly fizzles out. We debate on what we’d do if our colons fell in the toilet. R.I.P. to Caleb Scofield of Cave In. We play “Who’s Shittier?” and “Pokemon or Urban Dictionary?”

Who’s Shittier? Candidates:

Intro song of the week:

“Self Worship” – Black Royal

Featured song of the week:

“Anchor” – Cave In

Outro Song Of The Week:

“The Cryo Volcanic” – Black Royal

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