August 16

Episode 158: Don’t Fire Until You See The Whites Of Their Eyes.. Unless They Have No Eye Whites, Then Just Shoot Whenever

Tony can’t grasp the concept of playlists for some dumbass reason. Tony talks about death, as per usual. We try to pay homage to Aretha Franklin, in the worst way possible. Tony’s dream is to meet Laetitia Casta. Nhat reveals a high-pitched Tony compilation.  We play “Who’s Shittier?” and unveil the Lo Fi Book Club.

Who’s Shittier? Candidates:

Intro song of the week:

“Impulse To Kill” – Withhold The Blood

Featured song of the week:

“Behind The Crooked Cross” – Slayer

Outro Song Of The Week:

“Angel Of Death” – Slayer

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