July 24

Episode 258: Angel Of Death, ASMR Version

We start discussing life and kids and how we view the different generations. Nhat goes on an anti-Apple rant. We go into the unlimited quantity “limited copies” of things. Tony talks about how he’d rather have a chicken sandwich in his face over boobs. Tony vaguely reviews Top Gun/Top Gun II. We ponder on the possibility that we’ve been duped this whole time and The Devil is not as cool as he’s made out to be and what kind of music would be playing over endlessly in Hell. We have to look up the difference between a handbag and a purse.

Intro Song of the Week:

“Oiseaux De Proie” – Alcest

Featured Song of the Week:

“Beserker Mode” – GWAR

Outro Song of the Week:

Swan Song” – Betraying The Martyrs

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