January 22

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Ok, so this is the first time I addressed this issue since the last podcast… The good? I’m guessing the podcast was a good one, if I’m to believe what the listeners have said on Mixlr and Twitter… unless they just feel bad that we almost a meltdown on air. The bad? Obviously, I feel bad that I pushed Tony too far and I want to be more cognizant of the fact that sometimes the mob mentality will start to amass on Mixlr.  So yeah, we hashed it out after the podcast and I think everything’s cool.. no, we didn’t cockbump it out… that would take a meltdown of epic proportions before that happened.

Anyway, I think Tony felt a bit bad himself and for my part, I don’t know how much of it was the growing chants from our audience and how much of it was the demon alcohol talking… haha. Honestly, though, I’ve been feeling like shit the past few weeks and not just about the podcast. On the podcast side, I guess I’ve been feeling pressure to change things up ever since Patrick got involved and I realize that he’s only here to help us do whatever and he’s very gracious to be taking time out to do things that he would normally be paid for. I still think monetizing anything is going to be an uphill battle and we’re missing the most important component before ANY changes are to be implemented… time.. you have to set aside time to collaborate on projects.

I have plenty of time at the moment, but as I’ve told my ex before and as I’ll eventually tell Tony.. you’re not going to just discover more time by shitting it out of your ass. You have to make time and prioritize things that are important to you.. and if working on these side projects isn’t that important, than so be it. But you can’t expect to have money rolling in because you crack a few witty comments on Facebook and/or Twitter.

I have some ideas of stuff that we can do and even how to implement the logistics of it. Will they ever see the light of day? We’ll see, I guess… I’m fine with starting to work on some of them, but this is really where I need some collaboration and/or participation from someone else and right now, and that person is Tony… if that is indeed what he wants to do. If this all changes, then we’ll move on.

The ugly? I guess it’s the fact that I really don’t know where we’re headed from here. I can see this thing ending and part of me doesn’t care all that much anymore. I’m sure I’ll miss a part of it, but the part of it that was fun is starting to wane a little, if I had to be honest. Worrying that this clip shouldn’t be in there and this part shouldn’t be there and we’re violating this or that was something we had both agreed that we would cease and desist if it came to that. So oh well..

I’m not trying to start anything, but it’s just funny to me that the two people proposing these decisions don’t really listen to many podcasts. One listens to a couple of commercial ones, if any, and the other, probably none at all. I listen to them almost every other day.. I know the audience, I know the topics covered, I have a general feel for what people are listening to and I know what other indie podcasts are doing and not doing… indie.. NOT commercial.. because that’s all we are right now.

But yeah, sometimes I feel like my opinion means the least in all of this and that’s when I wonder if I should just bow out of the whole thing and sell the equipment and move onto other hobbies.

Time will tell, I guess.


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  1. LorneBy Lorne on

    I’d hate to see it end because I like your personalities. Some of my favorite episodes from you guys have been the ones where you just talked about life or politics. Obviously I also love the silly stuff like whats in my jello but maybe you should just keep in mind that its just for fun and not worry about growing or coming up with new brilliant ideas. (which is something that I have to tell myself constantly) but in the end I think the reason people keep coming back to certain podcasts is because they like the personalities, more so than the material. I almost feel like you guys should try going back to a portion of the show not live. You guys seemed to relax and get into good conversations when you weren’t live… just a thought. By the way Nhat.. I could use a grammar lesson haha. any suggestions?

    1. thelofishowBy Nhat Lo Fi on

      This show seemed much more relaxed, so I hope this is where it stays from here on out. And as for the grammar lessons, were you serious? Because I don’t think it seems that bad. I mean, honestly, I’m sure I have all kinds of fuckups and I actually do try to be good about grammar/spelling. I know I purposely do fragmented sentences but I break it up with “…” and that kind of makes up for it. If you have a long piece of text that you want to see if it’s incorrect, I can see if there’s something that sticks out, I can take a look at it.

      1. LorneBy Lorne on

        I was semi-serious about grammar.. I mainly feel like I have no idea where to put commas so I just guess at times, but if you say that it seems fine then I won’t worry about it.

        1. LorneBy Lorne on

          Grammar and Punctuation I guess would be a better way of putting it.

          1. Nhat Lo FiBy Nhat Lo Fi (Post author) on

            Commas are overrated, really. Ok, so I just used two there, so I guess I can’t talk. I just used another one before I even finished that last sentence. Mother fuck. Grammatically, I think I write how I speak, so it’s not always going to be correct. Commas are meant to accentuate a pause in a sentence, but I think both you and I sometimes talk fast, so who can tell when there’s a pause, really? I guess a good test would be to see a paragraph littered with commas and see how you would’ve written it. You can use this one for an example or use Dustin’s below.. he’s in school still, so he’s gotta be the smartest out of all of us. Haha.

        2. Nhat Lo FiBy Nhat Lo Fi (Post author) on

          Found this magazine cover in desperate need of a well placed comma just a few minutes ago and it made me laugh..

          commas, dammit

  2. DPfaenderBy DPfaender on

    Yeah, I feel the same way sometimes, Nhat. But then I remember why I do the podcast, just to hang out and laugh; and hopefully invoke thoughts in people’s mind, stupid or serious. I didn’t start podcasting to become better known, but to just simply have fun. And if someone can get that same “fun” feeling from listening, then thats cool. But if they don’t like our show (which I figure there’s gotta be more than a few people), then I just don’t care, cause it’s all just for shits and giggles anways. I think once you feel like you have to “perform” or try to entertain more, the natural fun gets taken out of it.

    1. Nhat Lo FiBy Nhat Lo Fi (Post author) on

      Yeah, you’re right on all those points. I think this one seemed more relaxed and we seem to be on the same page as far as what we want to do and what doesn’t have to change just yet, if at all. Hope it stays this way.


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