April 19

Episode 54 (Bonus): Fictitious Death Metal Album Covers Episode 04

In episode 4 of our Fictitious Death Metal Album Covers segment, we roll the die to get Spanish for Tony and Polish for Nhat. Tony’s band name is Ano de Esqueleto, which translates into Skeleton Anus and Nhat’s band name is Gwaltowny Watroba, which is Polish for Violent Liver.

Here is Tony’s album cover for Ano de Esqueleto’s “Bloody Butthole”:

And here’s the back of Tony’s album:

 Ano de Esqueleto’s “Bloody Butthole” Song List:

1. Blood Will Flow
2. The Road To Success Is Paved With Fritos
3. Procrastibation
4. Sonic Plague
5. I’m Giving Up
6. Holy Shit, You’ll Buy Anything
7. I, Flobot

Here is Nhat’s album cover for Gwaltowny Watroba’s “Hepatitis Inside Us”:

And here’s the back of Nhat’s album:

Gwaltowny Watroba’s “Hepatitis Inside Us” Album Song List:

1. Liver Die
2. Diarrhea Perlman
3. I Drank Myself To Death, Came Back To Life From The Dead, And Then Drank Myself To Death Again
4. Your Love Is Like Jaundice
5. Bloodfart
6. My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion cover)
7. My Human Soup (You Were Delicious)

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