August 30

Episode 22: Greed Begets More Greed

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.” ― Horace Mann. It’s National Toasted Marshmallows Day. We record a rare Friday night podcast because Tony has house guests this weekend. Tony’s cousin’s cousin lost her dog. We react to DC Comics’ statement that they’re not going to have any humor in their future movies. We talk about greed and the downfalls of money. Lucid dreaming comes into the conversation and then mercifully, Nhat’s laptop starts to die, which prompts the outro.

Intro song of the week:

“My Salvation” – The Haunted

 Outro song of the week:

“Orion” – Rodrigo Y Gabriela
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May 5

Episode 04 (Part 1): May The 4th Be With You (It’s All Just Sphincters, Man)

Tony and Nhat go to see Spider-Man 2 and are less than impressed. Nhat thinks everyone looks strange and might be having an acid flashback. Tony surprising scores it less than Nhat did – Nhat with a score of C+ and Tony gave it just a C.The disappointment continues to the next day, which is Free Comic Book Day, where they both show up late and manage to grab two measly comics from a picked through pile. To make things interesting, they both try to pick out comics for each other that neither would be likely to read. Each of them has to do a quick “book report” on their terrible assignments. And then they go off on a tangent of work, retail, Kevin Smith’s “Clerks,” sphincters, and whatever else comes to mind.

Featured intro song this week:
“Star Wars Cantina” – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Featured outro song this week:
“Her Name In Blood” – Strung Out
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