May 19

Episode 07: Tangentron 5000

We have no earthly idea what this particular podcast is about.  We vaguely remember reviewing Godzilla, talking about politics (as if we had anything even remotely intelligent to add to this conversation), wondering how useful the tiny pocket in jeans are, how some people are perpetually locked in their middle or high school heydays, trying to figure out if goiters grow, the longest word in the Oxford-English dictionary, if anyone has actually ever said “woo-hoo!” at a party and just a host of other useless observations.

“Where Dragons Dwell” – Gojira

Outro song of the week:

“Green Machine” – Kyuss
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May 12

Episode 05: A Mother Of A Day

Tony and Nhat ruminate on Mother’s Day and remember their moms’ passings. Weird dreams about deceased relatives… Nhat apologizes to the Laotian community for last week’s episode, when he was trying to imitate what he thought their language would sound like after Tony chickened out. Nhat is Vietnamese and has a Cambodian sister-in-law, so he has carte blanche to make fun of Asians all he wants… but still apologizes because people are too sensitive nowadays.They talk about families and the irresponsibility of the Catholic religion, which then leads into Tony’s roof problems and then Nhat somehow convinces himself that he and Tony could fix Tony’s roof themselves, even though neither has had any experience at all.

They discuss the Kvelertak, Gojira, and Mastodon show at the Ogden on May 5, 2014. Nhat was glaring at the VIP section the whole time because they were taking up valuable seat space, hoping they would fall so they’d let other people have the seats. They talk about drawing the human body and what makes a good artist. They remember some of the weird stuff Nhat used to do like chugging coffee and eating a pancake and egg breakfast under a minute because Tony was harassing him for eating so slowly. Nhat is annoyed that the new Godzilla is too fat and is wondering what his food source is and how sustainable it is. They briefly talk about the next upcoming comics movies.

Intro song of the week:

Happy Mothers Day

Outro song for the week:
“Divinations” – Mastodon
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April 21

Episode 02: Jesus Has Resin

We briefly discuss how little we know about Easter, 420, drugs, more drugs, music, and give ourselves a creative project where random words and languages are selected by a roll of the dice and we each have to design an album cover for a fictitious band with the name/language we selected. We have to design the front cover artwork, possible band member pics on the back and the names of 5 songs (EP length). Obviously, we will be describing this monstrosity as best we can, but we will also be posting the album covers on Instagram @TheLoFiShow and through Twitter under the same ID.

Intro song of the week:

“Smoke Two Joints” – The Toyes
Other songs featured:
“L’Enfant Sauvage” – Gojira
“Breathing – Triptykon
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