May 26

Episode 08: Sobriety Sucks

Tony came over sick as a dog, so he decided to do this podcast completely sober, which prompted Nhat to follow suit as well. This is our first sober podcast and it was a bit different, but I think we were actually a little more productive, to be honest. So needless to say, we hated it. Kidding. It didn’t turn out too bad. It’s Tony’s birthday weekend and it wouldn’t be his birthday if something shitty wasn’t going on, so obviously, he had to get sick. We talked about the best gifts we’ve gotten as kids and Tony brought up Shogun Warriors. Nhat’s was Krusher and his Super NES. We see some of the old-time commercials on Youtube, which makes Tony feel older and even shittier than he already does, if that was possible. We review X-men: Days of Future Past and re-review all of the movies we’ve seen this summer up til now, bashing Spider-Man 2 to the bottom once again.

Tony complains about work some more (get used to this) and Nhat brings up his work and then goes on a tangent about changing the entire school system as we know it. We end with doing a new episode of our segment Fictitious Death Metal Album Covers, where Tony selects a Finnish band called Rupikonna Mestaus, which translates into Toad Decapitation. Nhat selects a Brazilian death metal band called Couro Guerra, which means Leather War. Tune into the next episode where we will reveal our terrible covers, complete with song names and band members.

For your viewing pleasure, here are the toy commercials we were watching:

Intro song of the week:
“The Heart Beneath” – Celtic Frost
Outro song of the week:
“Terminal Liberation” – Mors Principium Est
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