July 6

Episode 14: Mr. Tapeworm

Today’s episode starts with Tony hinting about how he would conspire to kill Nhat. Nhat said it would probably be his best revenge, is to have Tony put in jail for his murder. Both of them agree that Tony isn’t handsome enough to get a modeling contract like that good-looking ex-con guy to get out of there. C’mon women.. seriously? I thought you guys were supposed to be smarter than us. We discuss going to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and paying way too much for lunch because of the bad setup of food booths. Tony says that Nhat is always hungry and dubs him “Mr. Tapeworm.” He then makes up his own variation of Mr. Tapeworm with the melody of Mr. Sandman.

We also discuss bad album covers and Tony remembers that he used to like lame bands like Exciter. We play a bit of the album and as we had predicted, we lost interest when the vocals came on. We talk about bad vocalists and then go onto giving Christian teen relationship advice, even though we know nothing about Christians, teens or relationships, for that matter.

“Descending” – Lamb Of God

Featured album of the week:

“Heavy Metal Maniac” – Exciter

Outro song of the week:

“The Reaping” – Living Sacrifice
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June 17

Episode 11: Hulking Out And Going Green

Tony had quite the eventful time this past weekend, what with volunteering at the Denver Comic Con and all and then meeting his childhood hero, Lou Ferrigno… Little did he know, that wouldn’t be all the excitement he’d have, but not in any way he would have ever expected. Tune in to find out what happens.

Intro song of the week:

“Victory” – Dark Lunacy

Outro song of the week:

“As The Pages Burn” – Arch Enemy
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April 21

Episode 02: Jesus Has Resin

We briefly discuss how little we know about Easter, 420, drugs, more drugs, music, and give ourselves a creative project where random words and languages are selected by a roll of the dice and we each have to design an album cover for a fictitious band with the name/language we selected. We have to design the front cover artwork, possible band member pics on the back and the names of 5 songs (EP length). Obviously, we will be describing this monstrosity as best we can, but we will also be posting the album covers on Instagram @TheLoFiShow and through Twitter under the same ID.

Intro song of the week:

“Smoke Two Joints” – The Toyes
Other songs featured:
“L’Enfant Sauvage” – Gojira
“Breathing – Triptykon
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